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Home Health Registered Nurse (610119121655) - Sitka, AK, US

Job Information

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1 year
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Full Time Regular
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Job Description

Position Summary: Coordinates a variety of nursing care procedures for patients of all ages which requires professional knowledge and consideration of specific patient conditions and treatment. Participates in patient and family teaching and provides leadership by working cooperatively with ancillary nursing and other members of the healthcare team to maintain standards for professional nursing practice in the clinical setting. Guidelines include physician s orders, standards of care, nursing policies and procedures, manuals, and hospital policies. Position Complexities: Clinical decisions are made initially independently during the scheduled shift; maintains complete accountability for all actions taken. Consults with the appropriate manager/supervisor in difficult situations requiring additional input. Able to react in a calm manner and make sound nursing judgments in an emergency environment. Essential Duties/Responsibilities: Duty/Responsibility #1 (35%): Promotes the SEARHC Seven Standards of Excellence; Implements safe, therapeutic, and efficient care for patients with needs due to multisystem disease and/or complications of treatment using appropriate infection control measures; sets priorities for care of patients based on acuity and/or patients preference; anticipates potential problems; adapts to change on the area by setting priorities for emergencies, changes in patient status and unusual occurrences; initiates, manages, and documents the nursing procedures consistent with scientific principle and departmental policy; demonstrates knowledge of equipment use; accurately administers age-specific medications and therapeutics; carries out the medical and nursing care plan and coordinates patient care activities with physicians and other healthcare team members; initiates action to reduce, correct, or prevent immediate, ongoing, or potential risks to the patient; facilitates healing by providing nursing care that is individualized, goal oriented, based on scientific principles and the nursing process; seeks out resources when beyond the scope of skill, knowledge or experience; explains test, procedures, and disease process to patient/significant others; follows through on nursing care plans by teaching and demonstrating skills essential for understanding and coping with illness and promoting optimal health; communicates and interacts with patient/significant others in a positive and supportive way; provides counseling using emotional, intellectual and psychological supports and utilizes other healthcare professionals in dealing with psychosocial problems if needed; takes steps to decrease stress and/or increase effectiveness of coping mechanisms of patient/significant others; evaluates patient s progress or lack of progress towards goals, directing new goal setting and implementing revised patient care plans as directed by reassessment; documents the patient s response to care; closes out patient care plan by discharge or has in place an after care plan to meet the patient s needs; Assures confidentiality of patient information. Duty/Responsibility #2 (40%): Accomplishes nursing assessment through interviewing, observation and nursing process; obtains, interprets and applies age-related (pediatric, adult, and geriatric) patient information in terms of cognitive, physical, emotional and normal growth/development needs of the patient; completes thorough Nursing Admission Databases/initial patient assessment; documents assessment findings that are consistent with other providers and include review of body systems, laboratory results, diagnostic findings, chart reviews, and interdisciplinary input; identifies problems & nursing diagnosis by recognizing the impact of health problems on patients and families; distinguishes between normal and abn

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Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium

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